Press Releases

ETV Publishes 100th Video on NECA / IBEW Accomplishments

ETV has just released Number One Hundred in our ongoing series highlighting the achievements and projects undertaken by members of the National Electrical Contractors’ Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Electric TV Releases Video on Electrical Training for Industrial Construction

Viewers Get an Inside Look at a Premiere Training Facility and Its People

Electric TV Establishes Itself as a Leading Source of Green Energy Videos

ETV supports the Green Energy efforts of IBEW / NECA contractors through in-depth video coverage.

Savvy Companies Move Quickly & Reserve 84% of Exhibit Space for NECA 2013

Companies that sell to electrical professionals have already reserved 84% of the available display space at NECA’s 2013 trade show.

New Video on Lighting Control Education Programs Released by

Latest video highlights the benefits of the NECA/IBEW training programs for lighting control technologies and energy reduction.

‘Fastest 50’ Trade Shows List Includes Electrical Industry’s Favorite Show

The NECA Show is one of the “Fastest 50” trade shows for 2012.

Northeast Illinois Safety Conference (Local LMCC release)

Originally posted to the site of the Northeast Illinois NECA & IBEW Local 701 LMCC